Cursed Dabloons
Cursed Dabloons
Type Item
Group Pirates
Effect Enemy loses 1 HP/turn and 2 energy/turn

Cursed Dabloons is an item which can only be used by the Pirates. It will make a foe lose 1 HP and 2 energy each turn.

The health loss happens before healing over time, such as from Healing Salve.

The energy loss happens after the normal +20 energy gain at the end of each turn.

The health and energy loss both apply if a character switches (or is forced by a move) in with/against Dabloons; however if death causes a chosen switch with/against Dabloons, neither applies.

A Death Mask or Phylactery proc will prevent the health loss but not the energy loss; if Dabloons caused the proc, that character will be vulnerable to the next attack. A Sacred Candle proc will prevent both the health and energy loss. Darla Cross's innate will steal Dabloons after it procs while her Parrot Pilfer will steal it before it procs.

Bleed/Burn/Poison effects proc before Dabloons.

*It is unfortunate that the official spelling of this item is wrong; this article sticks to the official name.

Cursed Dabloons on charactersEdit


  • Auger Blackboot: Can slightly mess with opponent's energy game, which is good for monorangers like Auger.
  • Ranec Vest: Turns him into an energy gamer which he has the option to do due to Ghostly Touch.
  • Darla Cross: A good choice for Darla since you can disrupt your opponents energy plans and with some of their energy depleted you can stall for a while and try to use her innate to steal items from oponets or use Parrot Pilfer.
  • Balthazar Bomb-Britches: Works good on a monoranger with a range-change attack. Good choice.
  • Starbuck: Can slightly mess with opponent's energy game, which is good for monorangers like Starbuck. Keep in mind that Starbuck himself is not very good at the energy game however.

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