Chi Blast (Yoshiro)
User Yoshiro Version 1.6
Damage 45 Type Light
Cost 65 Speed 8
D/C 0.69 Range Far
Hit% 100% Proc% 50%
Effect May Burn 5 damage for 3 turns
For Higashi's move, see Chi Blast (Higashi)

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Very fast
  • High, light damage, with chance for an additional burn effect.
  • Has a capability to scare the enemy, that has to choose to perform an attack and risk to take the damage or try to switch.
  • Combined with Scroll of Inner Focus Yoshiro can use it two times in a row, if he enters in the battlefield at long range with full energy,

Weaknesses Edit

  • High cost, move impossible to perform if you change range at the same turn.
  • Not amazing damage/cost ratio, unless you manage to deal the burn effect.

Known Bugs Edit


Changes scheduled with next versions Edit


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