Captain's Grog Mug
Captain's Grog Mug
Type Item
Group Pirates
Effect heals for 25 HP once when HP falls below 30%

For Pirates only. This item will heal its wearer once for 25 HP when the character's health reaches 30% or less of his maximum HP, then the item breaks. Grog will not revive a dead character.

Captain's Grog Mug on charactersEdit


  • Auger Blackboot:
  • Ranec Vest:Ranec has low resists and only 75 hp. this is a good way to survive after his innate ability wears off.
  • Darla Cross: A poor choice because of her low health since she can often be killed before the item kicks in. However, it can still be useful because of her item stealing abilities. Against bench attacks like Zina's Tiger Frenzy , Darla is likely to be in danger of dying first; this may keep her in play.
  • Balthazar Bomb-britches: An excellent choice due to his high hp and resist, often allowing him to get in that last crucial hit.
  • Starbuck:

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