Type Item
Group Martial Artists
Effect Deals 14 damage to any enemy that switches out

Caltrops is an item which can only be used by the Martial Artists. Caltrops deals 14 damage to any enemy that switches out (does not work if both characters switch). Note that with the V2.4 update, the Yellow Rock of Cowards has been significantly buffed up, so much so that it is most often better than Caltrops. For a 6 point decrease, the Yellow Rock gives you the opportunity of doing damage when YOU switch out (possibly even killing them when they're on 8 or less health) and even more damage if you both switch out.

Kongai Card Album Description Edit

Best on a character who the opponent wants to switch out against. Onimaru and Higashi probably capitalize on this the best, and you also gain the more intangible advantage that the opponent doesn't want to switch at all against Caltrops.

Caltrops on characters Edit

Martial Artists Edit

  • Amaya - Amaya has two hits fleeing attacks so most will stay in rather than take the hits fleeing plus Caltrops damage - so Caltrops can lock a card in play longer. His only method of threatening the opponent to switch and take damage via Caltrops will be Dark Chi Blast. Using this item would depend on how you use Amaya and your Yomi.
  • Higashi - His innate scares people into not switching. Adding this item would make switching feel even less easy. As always, a far range Higashi with 80+ energy will force the thought of switching and increase this item's usefulness depending on how you play Higashi.
  • Onimaru - Onimaru intense close range threat makes Caltrops a decent choice, but Onimaru is probably best served by the usefullness of the Scroll of Inner Focus.
  • Rumiko - Rumiko's Eviscerate is generally one of the most switched out against moves in the game. Coupled with a Shuriken Barrage threat, Rumiko has some handy ways to make people want to switch out against her so, this item can be of benefit when used wisely with Rumiko.
  • Yoshiro - Yoshiro can increase the damage of his already popular hits fleeing Rising Dragon with this item. However, more often than not, he is still better served by the General's Insignia or Scroll of Inner Focus.

Changes Edit

  • In Version 1.9, Caltrops now deals 12 damage.
  • In Version 2.4, Caltrops now deals 14 damage.

Full Art Edit