Blood Burn (Marquis Le Morte)
User Marquis Le Morte Version 1.9e
Damage 0 Type Dark
Cost 0 Speed 6
D/C N/A Range Both
Hit% Proc% 95%
Effect High chance of resistances -3/-3/-3 and damage -3 for 5 turns
For Cornelius Constantine's move, see Blood Burn (Cornelius Constantine)

Strategy Edit

Strengths Edit

  • Free
  • With multiple applications, Marquis can absorb several more attacks, as well as gain more health from foes with dark resistance

Weaknesses Edit

  • Slower than almost all attacks it would gain a benefit on for that turn(e.g. non-dark magic attacks)
  • No damage component, so ineffective as a stall option

Known Bugs Edit


Changes scheduled with next versions Edit


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