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  1. Bestor's Engulfing Flames has the exact same effect when it is reflected by Chi Reflect or Captain's Mirror as when it is not reflected; this is logical when you think about it.
  2. When a card dies, the new card switches in at the beginning of the new turn, not at the end of the old turn; this matters, because whether you win is calculated at the end of the turn in which one party's last card dies. Suppose you have LeChuck's Curse on you, and you have two cards left at 5 hp each, the opponent only one card at 5 hp; then, if the two active cards kill each other in the same turn, you win, even though the card you would have to switch in next turn would die immediately from LeChuck.
  3. Wei's Healing Wind cannot cure the Whirlwind debuff.
  4. Angelan's Cloak can stack, just as Hide can.

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