Auger Blackboot
Auger Blackboot
Type Character
Group Pirates
Version 2.4
Health 80
Physical Def 3
Light Def 0
Dark Def 2
Innate When hit by a physical attack, 50% chance of ordering the enemy to not attack next turn
Attacks Rapid-fire Pistol, Aimed Pistol, Captain's Mirror, Word of Command


Like any great leader, Auger specializes in confusing his opponents into using their own attacks against themselves.

Attacks Edit

Auger Blackboot Stats

Equippable Items Edit

Pirate Items Edit

  • Cursed Dabloons: Can slightly mess with opponent's energy game, which is good for monorangers like Auger.
  • Polished Spyglass: Already high hit rates, but certainty and protection from stat debuffs is always nice.

General Items Edit

Strategy Edit

General Use Edit

Auger is a typical far range character, which makes him a bad opener. Although he has only two far range attacks, he is a very versatile character. You can use him both for finishing enemies and dealing high damage to your opponent (Sextant works well for both tasks). Avoid close range. Word of Command is generally a mediocre move and should only be used in certain situations.

Strengths Edit

  • Very powerful at the long range. He has a fast, cheap, interrupting move (Rapid-fire Pistol and a scary 40 energy 40 damage (50% for a 60 damage crit) nuke (Aimed Pistol).
  • Particularly good against enemies with low physical resistance.
  • Can cause enemies to attack themselves.
  • Can reflect light magic.
  • Has a very useful innate, somewhat similar to Popo-Feather but takes the hit and forces a Rest.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Very weak at close range.
  • Rapid-Fire Pistol becomes useless if the opponent has high Physical defence.
  • Using Word of Command causes energy issues, the move is random and it's at speed 1.
  • No light resistance (though partially compensated by Captain's Mirror).
  • Captian's Mirror has a 90% hit rate, which means it also has a chance to miss.

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Full Art Edit

Auger Blackboot, Ship's Captain