Angelan Series D
Angelan Series D
Type Character
Group Robots
Version 2.4
Health 70
Physical Def 3
Light Def 3
Dark Def 3
Innate Abilities cost 5 less energy for 4 turns after resting
Attacks Wave Motion Fist, Cloak, Surprise Attack, Precision Strike


A stealthed, deadly, unpredictable killing machine, Angelan just might be behind you RIGHT NOW!


Wave Motion Fist


Surprise Attack

Precision Strike


Equippable ItemsEdit

Robot ItemsEdit

Energy Core: Ok item, can be useful in many situations, but Angelan Series D has better choices. Valuable because Angelan can Cloak and then threaten Surprise Attack regardless of her energy until Energy Core is broken.

Z-Phase Converter: Not that decent, Angelan's dodge, coupled with her average HP and low survivability mean Angelan can't fully utilize the Converter.

Omega Boosters: Boosts Wave Motion Fist's damage output. Makes the RNG even more of a factor into Angelan's playstyle especially with Cloak.

A66 Capacitor: Aside from Surprise Attack, Angelan won't be in a lot of situations with low energy, especially because of her innate.

Null Matrix: Useful for deactivating cranes and spyglasses, which would prevent Angelan from dodging. It's also useful against Girdle of Iron Will if you attack with Wave Motion Fist or Precision Strike.

General ItemsEdit

Healing Salve: Can be helpful, Angelan's Cloak can often let her stay in the battle for a long time, but she has better items.

Stoneheel Totem: Useful against mono-rangers.

Girdle of Iron Will: Bad item, Angelan's attacks are all very fast, so they won't be interrupted very often, however, stun and critical hit immunities can be useful.

General's Insignia: Not a bad choice, all of Angelan's attacks are single-hit, but General's Insignia's power decreases if you are using Surprise Attack often.

Yellow Rock of Cowards: Depends on your style of play.

Mindreader's Chalice: Depends on your style of play



  • Very fast attacks, good as a finisher.
  • Cloak can often set up a yomi the next turn, makes Angelan one of the best character for yomi players.
  • Can dodge attacks.
  • Innate makes her one of the best energy game characters
  • She is viable at both ranges


  • No dark magic resistance
  • Very yomi-depended (this is both bad and good, depends on the situation, and the player using her).
  • Her inability to hit fleeing opponents lessens her effectiveness as a finisher.
  • Her most powerful attack (Surprise Attack) requires Cloak first
  • Setup time

Known BugsEdit

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