A66 Capacitor
A66 Capacitor
Type Item
Group Robots
Effect 5 damage to all enemies when you have less than 10 energy

A66 Capacitor is an item which can only be used by Robots. The A66 Capacitor causes 5 damage to ALL enemies when you have 10 or less energy.

A66 Capacitor on CharactersEdit

  • Gorbax-Mark 2 - Not a good choice. While Gorbax's energy can get low very fast, he doesn't need the extra 5 damage.
  • B9 - Can be helpful to add a little extra to B9, but Omega Boosters are almost always better.
  • IBO-K9 - K9 will rarely ever have less than 10 energy, because his attacks are pretty cheap, and he dies before he can use too much energy, plus, his usual play-style of hit-and-run, and his innate, really means that he has more than 80 energy at almost all times.
  • MR-V1N - Very powerful on MR-V1N, possibly his best choice. Range changing and energy sap get your energy down low, and he has plenty of low cost moves to keep it low. If you plan on using MR-V1N as a hit-and-run energy drainer, then A66 may not be as useful.

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